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18-08-2019 06:25

You may only sell items in your possession that you are legally entitled to sell. Indian Heritage reserves the right to remove other items that are not on these lists if they are considered offensive or are in breach of our terms and conditions.

If you are unsure of whether or not you are allowed to list an item please contact us.

Banned Items   Below is a list of items which you are not allowed to sell on Indian Heritage 

  • Alcohol

The Liquor Control Act 1988 states that the sale of liquor to the public or any member of the public requires a licence. Unless you have registered as a wine seller with Indian Heritage, you may not sell alcohol of any nature on the site. You must:

    • Display your licence number on all listings;
    • Display the following notice on all listings for alcohol or wine: 'It is against the law to sell or supply alcohol to, or to obtain alcohol on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 years.'
    • Ensure that all sales of alcohol or wine comply with relevant laws;
    • Comply with relevant rules and guidelines relating to the advertisement of alcohol; and
    • Ensure that no alcohol or wine is purchased by or delivered to any person under the legal age to purchase alcohol.
    • Indian Heritage may, but is under no obligation to, verify the validity of your licence to sell alcohol. If requested to do so, you must cooperate with a request by Indian Heritage to supply any further evidence in relation to your licence or right to list alcohol for sale. If Indian Heritage is not satisfied that you are entitled to list alcohol or wine, it may remove any current listings for alcohol or wine placed by you without notice.


  • Backup or copied software, CDRs or DVDRs

You are not permitted to list CDRs, DVDRs, or other forms of recordable media unless they are blank. This policy includes but is not limited to copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, electronic books, television programs or images.  

  • CCTV footage

To ensure compliance with the Privacy Act, you may not sell CCTV footage.  

  • Cigarette or nicotine replacements

You may not sell cigarette or nicotine replacements, including e-cigarettes or products intended for use as a nicotine replacement.  

  • Copyrighted items and content (including replicas)

You must not sell items or include content which breaches any copyright or other intellectual property rights. As a seller it is your responsibility to ensure the items you sell and the content of your listing are not in breach of any intellectual property rights.  

  • eBooks and downloadable media

You may not sell eBooks. We classify an electronic book (eBook) to be any book or information in digital format that you can access using a software program. This includes but is not limited to: 

    • Copies, software or programs where the buyer downloads or has access to download from a website.
    • Music and video files that you can deliver through file sharing software.
    • Downloadable or electronically delivered eBooks.
    • The sale of a URL or web address where a member can download or obtain free copies of information.
    • Ebooks or other information sourced from the Internet produced in a printed version that is sold outside distribution or copyright laws.
    • Electronic invites, including Gmail and similar items.
    • Any media delivered on DVDs or in a downloadable format.


  • Event tickets

You may not list tickets to events which are subject to the Major Events Management Act.  

  • Fireworks

You may not list fireworks for sale on the site.  

  • Foreign plugs

In order to comply with Australian laws, items with foreign plugs may not be sold. This applies to items that require an adaptor to connect to an Australian socket.  

  • Frequent flyer points

You may not sell frequent flyer points on the site. Most frequent flyer reward schemes do not allow the transferring of points between members.  

  • Gang paraphernalia/memorabilia

You may not list gang related paraphernalia or memorabilia for sale on the site. It is at Indian Heritage discretion what is considered to be gang related.  

  • Human bodies or body parts

You may not list a human body or body parts for sale on the site. This includes such items as sperm, eggs, excrement, and bone.  

  • Lottery and raffle tickets

You may not list lottery or raffle tickets for sale.  

  • Magnetic and smart card readers

You may not list magnetic / smart card readers or writers, or blank cards that can be used with these devices.  

  • Medicine and supplements

You may not sell medicine or supplements intended for human use. Items deemed to be medicine or supplements will be removed at Krazy Auction's sole discretion.  

  • Menacing dogs

You may not list menacing dog breeds for sale on the site. These dogs are defined as the following breeds:

    • American Pit Bull Terrier
    • Brazilian Fila
    • Dogo Argentino
    • Japanese Tosa
    • Presa Canario


  • Nazi memorabilia

You may not list Nazi memorabilia for sale on the site. It is at Indian Heritage discretion what is considered to be Nazi memorabilia.  

  • Offensive weapons

You may not sell weapons where they are purely intended for attack purposes. This includes but is not limited to: flick knives, butterfly knives, ninja stars, knuckle dusters.  

  • Recreational drugs

You may not list recreational drugs (herbal or chemical) or related equipment on the site. This includes such items as dance pills and NOS canisters, and items used in the cultivation of cannabis.  

  • Software that interfaces with the Indian Heritage website

You may not list software that technically interfaces with the Indian Heritage website. This includes but is not limited to things such as auto-relisters.  

  • Spray paint cans

You may not sell spray paint cans on the site.  

  • Tobacco

You may not sell tobacco on the site. The advertisement and sale of tobacco based products contravenes the Smoke Free Environment Act.  

  • Uniforms for AUS emergency services

You may not sell uniforms or accessories for Australia 000 Emergency services. This includes police, fire and ambulance uniforms.  

  • VCDs

You may not list VCDs for sale on the site. We understand that the majority of VCDs are pirated. We have a blanket 'no sale' policy of these items.  

  • Veterinary medicines

You cannot sell Prescription Animal Remedies (PAR) or veterinary only medicines.  

  • Wholesale lists

You may not sell wholesale lists or place listings that are used to solely promote the purchase of items through other channels.

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