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19-08-2019 08:33

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Address Verified helps create a more trusted online marketplace.

Traders who have verified their address will be shown as Address Verified throughout Indian Heritage. For business memberships, the address is where the business operates from, or its registered address for service. For individual memberships it is the residential address of the trader.

How do I get Address Verified?

We verify your address by sending you a personal verification code in the post.

When you receive your code you enter it into Indian Heritage to complete the process. The code is unique to you and can only be used ones to address verifies the Indian Heritage membership that requested it.

What are the benefits to sellers?

Buyers can purchase from "Address Verified" sellers with greater confidence. Sellers are therefore likely to increase their sales and profits by becoming "Address Verified".

Can Indian Heritage guarantee where traders live or operate from?

We can't guarantee the traders current address. Indian Heritage does, however, know with some confidence that the individual that signed-in and requested to become Address Verified is the same person that entered the Personal Verification Code we sent them.

We therefore have a physical address related to an email address at a certain point in time.

What if I move?

You don’t retain your Address Verified status when you move. As soon as you change the address on the portal, you loose your Address Verified status, You have to re-apply for Address Verification Status. Please keep your address details up to date al all times on Indian Heritage as we occasionally do surprise checks on your address.

how much it cost to become address Verified?

Address Verification will cost you $5 each time you verify your address.

When we do surprise check on your address, you don't need to pay Address Verification Fees.

Your privacy

Your privacy is very important for Indian Heritage.

In certain circumstances, Indian Heritage may be legally required to disclose personal information of a member for legal compliance/law enforcement reasons, as outlined in our privacy policy.

Your details may be made available to another Indian Heritage member when a statutory declaration is made requesting contact details for the sole purpose of making a Disputes Tribunal claim.


Address Verified is important, it will help you gain more confidence of the buyer. You must use a physical street address and cannot use a P. O. Box. Address Verified letters are only sent to Australian addresses.

The process of renewal for the address verification would be same.

We will notify you through your registered email when we send your verification code. If you don't receive the letter within 7 days of the email, Please inform as & we will send it again to the same address at no additional cost.

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