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19-08-2019 11:00

Edit your Products

You can edit your products through the Mange Product Tab in your Control Panel. Click on Products under Manage Products.

Promoting your Products

By increasing the profile of your listings on Indian Heritage you can increase the number of people that see your products –get more sales, and make more money! There are a number of promotional extras you can select when you list an item for sale:

Featured Listings
Featured listings ensure that your products are at the top of the listings within the category.

The title of bold listings appears in "bold" type in selected categories.


Highlighted listings have a bright blue border.

Home page Listing

Your product will appear on the home page by selecting the home page listing feature.

You can select any of these promotional extras when you are placing a listing. All the features (eg. Bold, Highlight) will run for the duration of 30 days.

Answering the questions

If a buyer has any questions about any product they can use the Questions and Answers feature at the bottom. The seller will be sent an email notifying them that a question has been asked. The seller will then need to look at the product and answer the question.

Problem with Buyers

The buyer is being abusive

If the abuse is happening on the site i.e. through the question and answer feature, then we are able to track the member and take the appropriate action. But unfortunately we are unable to prevent or monitors emails outside of Indian Heritage. If you are having problems with someone being abusive you should approach your Internet Service Provider (e.g. Telstra, Optus) and get their email address blocked. Please report this trader’s behavior to us by clicking on the button below. We will record this complaint against the person's membership but you won't necessarily get a reply from us.

Report abusive correspondence

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