Charities & fundarising

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19-08-2019 11:37

Charities and fundraising

We can help charities and fundraisers as Indian Heritage is a great place to list your products, generate money, and raise awareness of your cause.

If you are a charity registered with ACNC we will donate 50% of success fees back to your organisation. Success fees will be charged and paid as per the standard Indian Heritage process, and then we will action a refund to the charity’s nominated bank account.

If you wish to register with Indian Heritage, please do the following:

  • Create an account to be used for your fundraising listings. You'll be asked to provide information about the charity, as well as the details of the main contact person managing the account.
  • Complete the Registered Charity Application Form and return to us by emailing it through to
  • We will be in touch to let you know if the application has been approved.

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