List of Restricted Items

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19-08-2019 10:37

Below is a list of items that you can sell but are restricted on Indian Heritage:

  • Adult items

Adult rated items (lifestyle, magazines, DVDs, etc) must be listed in the appropriate adult category. Adult novelty and erotic clothing must be listed in the Novelty & adult category.
  You may not use explicit language or descriptions. Photos, where permitted, should be of the item only. Use of props or accessories is not permitted. Indian Heritage reserves the right to remove any image it deems offensive.

  • Agricultural compounds

You must ensure that any agricultural compound complies with the requirements under the Agricultural Compounds and veterinary medicines (ACVM) Act.  

  • Airguns (BB and paintball guns)

Those trading air guns face to face should ensure that they cite the firearms licence or proof of age identification of the person they are trading with.
You may only sell air guns that are already in Australia. Overseas members may not sell firearms on the site. 

  • Animal products

You may not sell any endangered species, protected wildlife, sports fish, game or unwanted animals (e.g. ferrets). It is your responsibility to make sure you are not selling these items. If in doubt contact the Department of Conservation.
You may not sell snails, whales, sharks, dolphins, seals, sea lions or indigenous birds (or parts thereof). If you want to sell fish, including shellfish (or parts thereof) contact the Ministry of Fisheries for more information.  

  • Animal traps

You may only sell animal traps that are not hard-jawed leg-hold traps.  

  • Baby walkers

These items must comply with all applicable product safety standards before you list them for sale on the site.  

  • Bike helmets

You may only list a bike helmet if it is certified to a standard approved. Your helmet should have a sticker inside it stating which standard it complies with. 

  • Businesses for sale

All businesses listed on Indian Heritage must be sold as a going concern. You cannot sell or promote new franchises or opportunities. 

  • Chainsaws

You may only list a chainsaw if it has a chain brake. 

  • Children's nightwear

These items must comply with all applicable product safety standards before you list them for sale on the site. 

  • Children's toys

These items must comply with all applicable product safety standards before you list them for sale on the site.  

  • Child restraints

Child restraints must meet approved standards and be less than 10 years old. Child restraints certified for use in Australia will show an 'S' mark (New Zealand Standard NZS 1754), or a tick mark (Australian Standard AS 1754), or an 'E' mark (European Standard ECE 44).  

  • Cigarette lighters

These items must comply with all applicable product safety standards before you list them for sale on the site.  

  • Cots

These items must comply with all applicable product safety standards before you list them for sale on the site.  

  • Electrical items

All electrical items for sale must be safe. Some items require a supplier declaration of compliance (SDOC) before they can be sold; other items considered higher risk also require safety approval or certification.  

  • Firearms and ammunition

You may only list "A" category firearms, in sporting configuration, as defined by the Arms Act 1983. Large capacity magazines (i.e. more than 15 cartridges for .22 rimfire, or more than 7 cartridges for others) may not be sold for use with Military Style Semi-Automatic firearms (MSSAs), or which when affixed to a firearm classify it as an MSSA. Sellers must sight the firearms licence of the buyer, or for remote sales sellers must receive written confirmation signed by Police confirming the buyer holds a valid firearm's licence. Forms are available at any police station. 
Firearms must already be in Australia. Overseas members may not buy or sell firearms on the site. 
Only one firearm may be advertised per listing.  

  • Flights

You may only sell flights that are transferable. Any costs associated with the transfer of the ticket must be explicitly stated in the listing.  

  • Food

All food sold on the site must be produced in a registered premises or under an approved food safety programme or registered risk management programme. It must also comply with food labelling and standards requirements. 
All food listed on Indian Heritage must comply with Food Safety Standards. 

  • Gas appliances

All new and second-hand gas appliances for sale must be safe, and need to have been declared safe under the Gas (Safety) Regulations before they can be sold.  

  • Hang gliders and par gliders

Gliders must have a new Warrant of Fitness before they are sold.  

  • Made to order items

You may list items that are 'made to order' in the following circumstances:

    • The goods will be shipped within one week.
  • Medical devices

If selling a medical device (excluding first aid kits) you must state in the listing "Consult a medical professional first and follow the instructions." Medical devices include but aren't limited to: insulin pumps, infusion pumps, eternal feeding devices, CPAP machines, ventilators and apnoea alarms.  

  • Movies and games

You may only list classifiable movies and games for sale if they carry the correct Australia classification sticker. When listing these items for sale, you must include the Australia classification rating and all information on the classification label. 
The sale of these publications is covered by the Films, Videos and Publications Classification Act. 

  • Needles and syringes

The Health (Needles and Syringes) Regulations state that only approved professionals such as Pharmacists may sell needles or syringes. Unless you are approved under these regulations you may not sell needles or syringes on the site. 

  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software

You may only sell Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software on Indian Heritage if it is sold with a computer.  

  • Paint colours

If you're selling paints which are "tinted to" or "similar to" the colours of certain brands, you may not refer to those brands. 

  • Pedal bicycles

These items must comply with all applicable product safety standards before you list them for sale on the site.  

  • Pets and animals

Dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses, donkeys and ponies may not be auctioned. These animals must be listed in their correct category as a classified ad, so the seller won't be obliged to sell the animal to an unsuitable home. 
We have banned the sale of some breeds of dogs on the site, and kittens for sale must be at least eight weeks old. 

  • Radio transmitters or transceivers

All radio transmitters or transceivers listed for sale must comply with Australia licensing and compliance regulations.  

  • Services

You may not sell services on the site, except within the Services Category.

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