Listing with Variation

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19-08-2019 10:56

Products that are available in different variations offer customer more choice, allowing them to select their preferences of attributes, for example size, color or style. Listing products with variation on Indian Heritage will save you time and will provide you wider options.

What are listing with variations?

On Indian Heritage you can create listings with variations that offer multiple products in on listing. Customer can choose based on their choices. Listing with variations is very common in categories such as garments, fashions, candles.

Why listing with variations?

Listing with variations will allow buyers to choose the products from wider options with their preferred attributes e.g. size and color. It will reduce you listing time however depending upon the subscription level insertion fees may vary. Additionally products with variations improve your visibility in Best Match search results. Product with variation will count as just one product. For example if you are selling t-shirts with 4 colors and 4 sizes thus making 16 products but it will count as one product.

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