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At the end of every transaction we encourage buyers to place feedback. The feedback should represent how smooth the transaction was and the products.

Reviewing a feedback will help you to access whether they are reliable trader or not. Reviewing a seller’s feedback before any transaction is essential and is the best way to protect you as a buyer.

The number in brackets next to a trader's username, is their feedback rating - e.g. Bliss (1 ). Feedback ratings are calculated by subtracting negative feedback from positive feedback.

A higher feedback rating is given to traders with more positive feedbacks. The number of stars next to a trader's name represents their feedback rating. The more feedback, the more stars.

Rating system

^02865B29DAAB8662153719F6FCE3C13FDDF6E3EF1484FC9FF6^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr = up to 10 positive feedback
Untitled-2 = more than 10 positive feedback
3 = more than 50 positive feedback
4 = more than 100 positive feedback
5 copy = more than 200 positive feedback
6 = more than 500 positive feedback
7 = more than 1000 positive feedback
8 = more than 1500 positive feedback
9 = more than 2000 positive feedback
10 = more than 3000 positive feedback
11 = more than 4000 positive feedback
12 = more than 5000 positive feedback
13 = more than 10000 positive feedback
14 = more than 20000 positive feedback
15 = more than 30000 positive feedback
16 = more than 40000 positive feedback
17 = more than 50000 positive feedback

Placing, removing and editing feedback

Customers can easily place the feedback at the end of successful transactions. Placing feedback is an important part of the Indian Heritage process.

Placing Feedback

Customers can go to my Account page [] and they can place Reviews and Ratings [] under My Stuff.

Editing or deleting feedback

Feedback can only be edited once. Under Australian law you can be held legally responsible for damages to anyone’s reputation, so make sure you keep your feedback factual.

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